We’ve built custom solutions for many many customers…

Let us build one for you!

From backups and archivals, to shared storage and asset management, to ipad-based teleprompters, we can design an answer to your workflow woes.


It’s really really easy to pile gear in a room and slap it together. We’ve all done it to get some irksome project out of the way. You may even be able to do the next couple of projects with it all catawompus like that. How about that anaerobic hustle around the back of the Beta deck? You get good at dodging the Ethernet wires. But there’s a better way, isn’t there. Allow us to design a system for you that makes sense, that works the way you need it to work. Whether you need an Avid Suite or an RF system, they all come together the same way. In designing a system, we talk extensively with our clients to design a set up that maximizes what they have. You need it simple? Piece of cake. Or do you have a bunch of people always using the room? We can set it up for maximum flexibility. There’s a ton of dealers out there. Most of them will be good at driving by your place, and slowing down their station wagon just enough for the boxes to fall out the back. If you’re sick of that whole routine, give us a try.


What’s your headache of the day? Audio-related? Your architect is a genius with Bauhaus-inspired plant stands but can’t design an audio room? Worried about the sound bouncing around the edit suite? Got a loud tenant overhead and your VO booth isn’t quiet enough? The sound isn’t getting to the back of the conference room like you thought it would? We can handle it. Maybe it’s a video problem. Those are a bummer. You need a new teleconferencing system but aren’t sure what’s right – you have to decide which video format to expand into – or need to find the correct video projector to fit your goofy space. No problem. With degreed engineers and certified technophiles on staff, we’re happy to be the matchmaker. Pairing you up with the right piece of gear – or getting the room right – that’s what we live for.