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Rokinon Xeen 5 Lens Kit (Rental)

Budget Cinema Lens Test

We recently took the opportunity to do some testing on a variety of budget cinema lens sets.  Budget is of course a relative term when it comes to lenses, as some of these lenses cost close to $6,000 a piece.  When compared to the price of the higher end cinema […]

XAVC vs ProRes 422HQ

Last week I wanted to spend a little bit of time with our Sony PMW-F55 while it was in the shop before going out to have its ProRes board installed.  Without having anything in particular to shoot I decided to put the camera on our Kessler Cine Slider and throw […]


Tricks and Tips re Version 3.0 of the Sony PMW-F5 and PMW-F55 4k Cine Alta Cameras

Now that version 3.0 has been out for the Sony PMW-F5 and PMW-F55 Cine Alta cameras, we are learning some of the new workflow options. This is just a really rough list for now, but I’ll be adding to it in the future. 1.  Playback of RAW footage now goes […]


Sony Releases Version 3.0 for F5, F55 4K Cameras, and AXS-R5 RAW Recorder

Sony continues to add to the feature set of the PMWF5, PMWF55 Sony 4k Cameras, and AXSR5 RAW recorder.  Congrats to all that own them on getting a significantly updated device every couple months!  This version, version 3.0 is right on schedule! In addition, they’ve announced a version 4.0 slated […]