Introducing Z-Share II: A True Digital Video SAN For Under $10K

If you have more than one video editing workstation in your organization, it’s time to start thinking about high performance shared storage.

Z Share II
The challenge is that it can get very expensive, very quickly, and most SAN systems are ‘closed.’ As your needs grow, your storage system can’t scale to meet those needs and you lose your investment, starting over from scratch.

Z-Share is a much more open system. This means that you can swap out the server, the hard drives, and even the networking hardware whenever it makes sense for your business.  You own the software for life.

Z-Share is powered by Tiger Technologies’ Tiger Store SAN software. The entry-level version  is designed to get smaller workgroups (2-4 workstations) on the shared storage bandwagon. You can add more workstations at any time; all you need to do is upgrade your license. Z-Share is designed for scalablility.

Additionally, because the server is ‘open,’ you can use it to run other applications (asset management, transcoding, backup and archive).  This really reduces your costs. No need to buy a separate server for each of these services.  The load that Tiger Store places on the server is very minimal.

Why is Z-Share II such an attractive option? Because Z-Share II is:

Z-Share is a True SANA True SAN

Block level storage means blazing fast performance that your computer thinks is a local hard drive array, not some pokey file server. Your workstations can all edit in HD, even 4K and beyond, all from the same centralized storage.



$9,999.00. Up to four users. 21TB of storage. One year of support. There is no better value on the market.


Scalable and Expandable

Open architecture means the sky is the limit. There are Tiger Store installations out there with over 150 users and 1 PetaByte of shared storage. Tiger Technology even has advanced modules for project management, replication and tiering.

You can also use the Z-Share server for backup, archive, transcoding and more.

Tiger Store

Industry Proven Software

Tiger Store (formerly metaSAN) has been a product for over 12 years. This isn’t some new Chinese software that you have to beta test. Their support is 24×7 and very, very good (we know, because we’ve been using it for 8 years).


Easy to Use

All the administration and setup is done via a web browser. There is a great web dashboard that instantly shows you the health and status of the system. Even the drivers for the client workstations reside on the server and can be downloaded to a new workstation without even having to connect to the internet. It’s a snap.

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Z-Share II – 21TB, 4 User Affordable SAN For Digital Video $9,999.00

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