Live Streaming, Remote Learning and Collaboration Products To Help Your Organization Manage the COVID-19 Crisis

PTZOptics 30X-NDI Broadcast and Conference Camera (White)

With schools closing, offices implementing work from home programs, and conferences and seminars being cancelled and postponed all over, Z Systems is working hard to find you solutions to keep your businesses and events functioning as we battle the Covid-19 virus.

Whether you just need a way to see and talk to your team, or if you need to do a live demonstration involving multiple media sources and physical product, we have solutions for you.


Live Streaming & Capture Encoders

The Magewell USB family of capture devices allow you to take an HDMI or SDI video signal and convert it to USB so that your computer sees is as a webcam. Just plug the cable from the camera in one end, and the USB cable to your computer in the other, and you can go live to YouTube, Facebook, or your preferred web-based streaming platform right away. The PLUS series of capture devices feature video loop-through, headphone output and audio input as well.

Arrow Click here to watch a video overview on setting up and using Magewell USB Capture devices

Live Streaming & Capture Servers

This class of products doesn’t require a host computer in order to get up to the cloud. You hook your camera up to them via HDMI or SDI, and they connect directly to your (wired) Ethernet and communicate with your cloud server (Facebook, YouTube, etc.). They also can make a local recording to an SDHC card.

PTZ Cameras

If you want one or multiple cameras, and want to be able to pan, tilt and zoom without a camera operator at each camera location, a PTZ camera is what you need. These cameras come with an IR remote control, but if you are using multiple cameras, you will want a dedicated camera controller with a joystick.

Professional Camcorders

These compact, affordable camcorders from Sony will give you amazing video quality and have many of the same features of more advanced sony cinema-style cameras. If you just want a single, fixed shot, or have a camera operator, these cameras are just what you need.

Video Conferencing Systems

You are looking to improve on the video and audio quality from your laptop while video conferencing while utilizing a larger screen, these all-in-one video conferencing bars are just what you need. They and generally mounted below a TV. Plug the included USB cable into your computer. Your computer will have access to the high-quality beam-forming microphone, the camera, and the speakers. Connect your computer to the TV using an HDMI cable and you are up and running.

These are some key pieces of equipment that you might need to get started. At Z Systems, we are here to help you navigate the world of remote video and live streaming. Call us any time for help (952) 974-3140.