MN Orchestra

The Challenge

With live-streamed events on the rise and an increase in the need for accessible viewing options due to the pandemic, the Minnesota Orchestra found itself looking for ways to expand its reach virtually. As one of the premier orchestras in the world, impeccable quality was a must.  A robust and flexible system was required to authentically capture and broadcast their dynamic performances to a larger audience. 

The Solution

Through an extensive series of on-site tests ending in a full-scale proof of concept, Z Systems was able to help the MN Orchestra evaluate multiple cameras, lenses, and other video technology options against their costs.  The result is a premier solution that emphasizes image quality and flexibility to accommodate the wide variety of video programming they now offer. With 8-10 team members staffing productions, it was important that every aspect, from the control room to cameras, be seamlessly integrated. The solution combines Panasonic 4K Cameras and Fujinon UHD lenses, all remotely controlled by Ross robotics.  These feed a Ross Carbonite Ultra Switcher, Router, and 12 Channel digital disk recorder. 

The Outcome

This investment resulted in an award-winning live stream program that streams once a month, allowing the MN Orchestra to maintain its regular viewership and grow its audience. The system’s flexibility also allows other events and productions to take advantage of the live-streaming capabilities.