Atlona Velocity – A Reliable and Affordable Audio Visual Control System

Velocity makes it easy and affordable to control your audio visual system via a single user interface.

Atlona Velocity
Velocity Diagram

Ditch your 10 remotes and trade it in for a single easy to use user interface

Audio visual technology is great, it makes our lives easier and more comfortable in a lot of ways. But, let’s be honest, there is a lot about these systems that are really annoying as well. In commercial and even home systems the number of components can really start to add up. And usually when a piece of gear is added, it comes with a remote control. By the time you are done designing the system you may have 10 – 15 remotes that all have a learning curve. So what’s the solution?

Atlona Velocity can take away the blues of manually controlling each device. Velocity is a control system by Atlona that is both easy to use and configure. Using one central control processor, Velocity can talk to all of the gear in the system that has communication built in, and control it using a touch screen or mobile device.

Velocity vs Crestron

There is no doubt about it Crestron is an excellent product. It’s scalable, reliable, and completely customizable. Crestron has some great stuff going for it, but for most people they do not need a complex and expensive control system. Most people need a reliable system that will control speaker volume, turn on the TV, switch to the right input, and control the source feeding the display. Crestron can absolutely do that but Crestron is also used by NASA and other high end complex use cases. To be frank, in most cases Crestron is overkill.

Velocity is a perfect for most commercial AV applications. Velocity can be configured with ease. You do not need a specialized programmer to come and make changes to your system. Velocity keeps labor costs low and leaves your budget open to improve the system that Velocity controls. If you are looking for simplicity matched with high quality solutions, go with Atlona’s Velocity control system.

Key Features:

  • IP-based platform for AV control, plus room scheduling and AV asset management
  • Use Velocity touch panels for user control, or use BYOD mobile devices at no extra cost
  • Room scheduling server for Velocity touch panels (Google Workspace™, Microsoft® Office 365™, Microsoft Exchange® 2016, and Astra Schedule)
  • Velocity Device Manager for centrally configuring, deploying, and managing Atlona IP-controllable devices
  • Low cost of ownership from a single, networked processor serving multiple room systems
  • Configure, deploy, and modify control systems in minutes – no programming necessary
  • NEW – Remotely configure, manage, and control AV systems over the internet with Velocity Premier Services – Remote Gateway (AT-VPS-RG)

Velocity: Simplify AV Control

Atlona Velocity – AV Control System

Some of the Devices Velocity Controls

  • Projectors
  • Displays/TVs
  • PTZ cameras
  • Audio sources
  • Video sources
  • Lighting
  • Shades
  • AV receivers
  • Audio and Video matrices
  • Audio and Video switchers
  • Projector screens
  • Audio and Video recorders
  • Mixers and Mics
  • Amplifiers

Imagine this:

You walk into the office and go to the touch panel and hit ONE button that says “Office On” .

The following happens:

  • The lights come on
  • The lobby TV turns on
  • The lobby TV goes to the correct HDMI
  • The cable box connected to the lobby TV gets powered on
  • The cable box goes to your favorite news and weather channel
  • The office speakers play some relaxing music at a set volume
  • The shades come up

It’s time for your meeting and you walk in and hit ONE button on the touch panel in the conference room

The following happens:

  • The lights come on
  • The conference room TV turns on
  • The conference room TV switches to the correct HDMI
  • The conference room TV displays your BYOD source OR the conference room PC
  • Velocity routes and controls all of the microphones, speaker audio, and cameras.
  • You are all ready to go for your Monday morning video conference call

These are just examples of the type of custom control a single button can offer. This type of control makes it incredibly easy for all users.

For more information on Velocity, please visit Atlona’s website OR call Z Systems at 952-974-3140