Proactive System Maintenance with Remote Support

When budgeting for your new audiovisual system don’t forget about service and support options. Z Systems offers several options for in person and remote support. With remote configuration and system monitoring, Z Systems can monitor and fix certain issues before you know they exists.

Read below for some of the ways we can be there without being there!

Z Systems remote support

Atlona Velocity – Remote Configuration, Management and Control for Velocity Gateways

For those who are not familiar, Atllona Velocity is one of the control system we use to control and automate audiovisual systems. For a more in depth look at Velocity please check out our blog post on Atlona Velocity or visit Atlona’s website.

Velocity offers a product called AT-VPS-RG. This is is Atlona Velocity’s remote management system. With the purchase of this annual license, and a Z Systems service contract, Z Systems will be able to provide the following support options.

  • Remotely configure and manage Velocity AV control systems over the internet for more responsive support and customer service
  • Store Velocity gateway backups in the cloud ensuring the latest configurations are always available
  • Allow users to control a room AV system from their own device without having to provide access to the corporate network
  • Available in three annual licensing levels designed to match the requirements of specific Velocity gateways
Introducing the AT-VPS-RG

OVRC – Cloud Management for Networked Devices

OvrC (oversee) is a revolutionary support platform for professionals that allows them to remotely manage, configure, and troubleshoot devices on the network. From basic home theaters to large-scale networking infrastructures, OvrC empowers pros to keep everything running smoothly.

OvrC remote system management and configuration

With OvrC integrators and end users are able to access devices on your network, but what does that exactly mean?

When utilizing OvrC enabled products such as Wattbox (IP power) and Araknis (networking euip.), your integrator can prevent issues, configure devices, or reset devices without stepping foot on site or rolling a service vehicle.

This results in:

  • Less down time of your system
  • Fewer and more affordable service calls
  • Avoid scheduling a technician to be on-site
  • Preventative maintenance to ensure reliability
  • Firmware upgrades
  • Automated and manual resets of troublesome equipment
  • Remote configuration of OvrC enabled equipment for fast configuration changes

For more information call Z Systems at (952) 974-3140 or email us.