Sony Zero Percent Financing Program

Limited time: 0% Forty Eight (48) Months Finance promotion with 1st payment covered by Sony Sony is pleased to announce a Zero Percent Forty Eight (48) Months Financing program with1st payment covered by Sony, available to end users for a limited time. From May 15th, 2020through June 30th, 2020 end […]

Is Cloud Storage For Media Finally Becoming Practical? Presenting BackBlaze B2

Cloud storage is finally affordable for larger files. Sign up for a free trial account – up to 10 GB!

Panasonic 0% Financing Promotion

[This page and promotion are no longer active] To take advantage of these offers contact:

Atomos 10th Anniversary Promotion

[This page and promotion are no longer active] Ninja V Promotion starts 17th February 2020Ninja V Promotion finishes 29th February 2020Price: 649 eur / 649 dollar

Sony Pro Mode For Digital Signage

Sony’s new professional mode for digital signage was created to streamline the process of displaying your businesses media. With settings specifically designed to be flexible when setting up your display, and ridged when put into the hands of customers or employees. Pro Mode enables the user to create powerful pre-sets. […]

Sony Venice 36 Month Financing on All Things Venice

[This page and promotion are no longer active] Zero percent financing on Sony Venice and Venice accessories

Sony 24month 0% Financing

[This page and promotion are no longer active] 24mo 0% Financing View the list of eligible models: Sony is pleased to announce the FY 2019 Zero Percent 12 Month Lease Financing programs. Beginning April 1, 2019 through March 31, 2020, end users can take advantage of 12 month 00 […]