The Sony BURANO – Used to Shoot These Gorgeous Short Films.

The Sony BURANO Proves a Picture (or Film) is Worth a Thousand Words. We continue to be impressed with what we’re seeing from this new camera from Sony, and we wanted to take a moment to share some of our favorite examples of that. Below are 3 beautiful examples of […]

The Sony BURANO is Coming!

And we’re very excited about it. Sony just announced the BURANO, a new CineAlta Digital Cinema camera that sits below the VENICE 2 and above the FX9. Its features are quite impressive and propel Sony cameras to the next technical level: It’s the first PL-mount camera with built-in IBIS, and […]

Microsoft Azure and Tiger Technologies – Stepping Up Your Storage

Big news, everyone! Microsoft has just announced a partnership between Tiger Technology and Microsoft Azure, and we’re super excited about the storage possibilities. Here at Z Systems, we’ve been selling and supporting shared storage for media production based on Tiger Technologies for over 20 years.  They have really withstood the […]