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Sony PMW-F55

Before the F55, 4K motion picture cameras all had one thing in common. They couldn’t save your 4K footage, at least not without some sort of external recorder. Then the F55 changed everything. Here’s full 4096 x 2160 resolution, captured on-board with the all-I-frame quality of Sony XAVC® I recording at a sensible 240 Mbps (24p).

Sony F55 Overview 1
Not your typical studio setup. Emmy® Award-winning DP Scott Shelley shoots 4K XAVC codec out the back of a motorcycle on the byways of rural France for Le Ride.

Sony F55 Camera
The CBK-55BK dock transforms the F55 with the familiar ergonomics and proper balance of a shoulder mount camera.

Put your shoulder into it

Sony’s CBK-55BK shoulder-mount dock for the F55 is another game changer. Slide the camera into the dock and suddenly you’ve got the familiar ergonomics of a true shoulder-mount camera. Slip on a B4 lens (adapter sold separately), switch into Center Scan mode and suddenly you’ve got the same angle of view, depth of field, and operability as a broadcast camera. The F55 can be a 35 mm camera for one shot. And a 2/3-inch camera for the next!

Sony F55 240 FPS Chart240 fps: When you feel the need for speed

F55 high speed shooting is your ticket to exquisite slow motion. When you shoot 2K RAW at 240 fps and play back at 24p, you’ll get 10x super slow motion playback, perfect for catching not only sports, stunts and explosions, but also nature in delicious detail. (Requires AXS-R5 RAW recorder, sold separately.)

Designed to work in your world

From small owner-operators to big-budget productions, the F55 has you covered with the camera world’s most robust range of recording options. You’ve got a choice of five resolutions and six codecs. From the industry standby MPEG-2 codec to the most advanced true 16-bit linear RAW recording, the systems are carefully tailored to preserve maximum picture quality at each bit rate. And they’re compatible with a full catalogue of third-party systems for native color correction and editing.

This prodigious range of codecs is expected to get even greater in June 2015 with the addition of Apple ProRes 4444 RGB recording at up 330 Mbps, with a firmware update free to owners of the CBK-55PD

Sony F55 Case
“I ended up showing Martin Scorsese the test, and we both preferred the look of the Sony F55,” said Rodrigo Prieto, AMC, ASC. “I must say that even comparing it to both the 16mm and the 35mm film, we found that the Sony with the S-Log3 and S-Gamut3. Cine plus the LUT from efilm gave the F55 a beautiful look.”

Why accept ordinary color when you can go substantially beyond? Sony’s S-Gamut reproduces reds and greens that are literally beyond the reach of competing cameras. Then we preserve every last nuance of color with phenomenal 16-bit linear RAW recording. This encodes over 65,000 discrete shades Red, plus 65,000 Blues, plus 65,000 greens, for more than 275,000,000,000,000 possible colors. Want the ultimate in color fidelity? Then you want Sony.

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