Z Systems Now Sells Aputure Lights

Aputure Lights punch way beyond their weight class, going up against fixtures twice their price, and coming out more powerful, with more features, and with every bit of light quality and fixture durability. We have been amazed at the amount of obvious thought that went into each of their products, […]

Need Better Live Video? Here are the 5 products You Must Have.

The new realities of working from home and remote meetings mean that we have started discovering that the tools we might have been using in a pinch before leave us wanting much better quality now that we are relying on them every day. The five products listed here will take […]

Adding Quality and Flexibility to Your Stream with a USB Capture Device

Looking to improve your look while streaming online? Keith Mullin from Z Systems demonstrates an easy way to do it with Magewell

Sony Announces New PXW-FX9 Full Frame Camcorder

On Friday September 13th Sony announced a brand new camcorder the PXW-FX9. The FX9 is a whole new beast of a camera, featuring a new full frame 6k sensor, dual base ISO and a Hybrid Autofocus System. This is a brand new camera system and we are still just getting […]

FS7 Replacement Rumors

Is something coming from Sony that will replace the venerable FS7? We think its pretty likely that the rumors are true and we will see something new announced soon based on a large number of factors. First and foremost that the FS7 is about to turn 5 years old, and […]

Dual Base ISO and Shot Noise

by Keith Mullin In this article I hope to explain on a conceptual level how Dual Base ISO works and how Shot Noise can mislead us into thinking it’s just a gimmick from the camera manufacturers. I can assure you right now that Dual Base ISO is not a gimmick […]

Sony VENICE CineAlta Full-Frame 35mm 6K Camera

Sony VENICE comes to Z Systems It’s specs at a glance are: 6K (6048 x 4032) Full Frame Sensor PL Mount, and an E-Mount (Lever Lock Type) 8 Step Mechanical ND Filters (ND 0.3  to ND 2.4) Operator Controls On Both Sides Of Camera Compatible With Existing Accessories, Including the […]